Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Watched TV...

I don't think I really watched TV this summer. By that I mean
I did not use a TV set. What I did do was watch re-runs on

The interesting thing is that I watched my first network TV show
(It was Heroes) of the fall and I was painfully re-acclimated with
commercials. I had gotten very used to Hulu's 15-60 second commercial
blocks and I found myself painfully re-sensitized to just how long
network television's commercials are.

Is this the future? I know that I am giving serious consideration
to just letting my favorite shows pass by on TV and just waiting
for them to show up on Hulu. When I talk to others they say something
similar. Such responses as, "Oh, yes. I stopped watching live tv a while
back. I just DVR everything now."

What is going to happen to Ad revenue when sponsors realize
that no one is watching TV commercials anymore? Hopefully they will
move more seriously to Hulu. When they do, will Hulu increase commercial
length? Hopefully they will see that 15-60 seconds is the magic number
that keeps my attention because I don't think I can go back to the
way things were before this summer.

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